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2016 Presidential Election
Name 2016 Presidential Election
Type Presidential
Voting Year(s) 2016
Inaugural Year 2017
Candidates Donald Trump (R), Hillary Clinton (D)
Outcome Trump wins and the left cries
Mistake? Hell No!

The 2016 US Presidential Election was the 58th american election, held on Tuesday November 8, 2016. After 8 years of Obama in office, People woke up and voted for Republican Nominee, Donald Trump over Democratic Nominee, Hillary Clinton. After the election results, the Left cried like babies.

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Donald Trump chose Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. Pence is a social conservative that opposes Abortion and Gay Marriage. While Hillary Clinton chose Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, Tim Kaine just said Hillary Yes and Trump No on the campaign trail. He was also destroyed in the vice-presidential debate against Mike Pence.

On The IssuesEdit


Trump is pro-life. Clinton wants to just kill incident babies.


Trump is against Common Core, which is the most evil way of teaching a Child. While Madam President wants Common Core in Schools to destroy a child. 

Healthcare Edit

Trump wants ObamaCare to be repealed, which is going to help american families. Clinton supports ObamaCare.

Same-Sex MarriageEdit

Trump is personally a traditionalist, but says Same-Sex Marriage is settled issue. Clinton supported Same-Sex Marriage in 2016 and even put LGBTQ+ people in her campaign. 

Second Amendment Rights Edit

Trump fully supports the second amendment, while Clinton supported taking all the guns away.

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By county

2016 results by county. There is a lot of red on this map!

Republican Donald Trump won 306 electoral votes, while Hillary Clinton won 232 electoral votes. Trump flipped the states of Ohio, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. This was the first time the states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan went Republican since the 1980s. Trump also won the Maine's 2nd Congressional District. On December 19, seven faithless electors casted their votes for other candidates, Trump loss 2 electoral votes and Clinton lost 3. Colin Powell won three electoral votes from Washington (state), and John Kasich and Ron Paul each won one electoral vote from Texas, Bernie Sanders won one electoral vote from Hawaii and Faith Spotted Eagle won one electoral vote from Washington (state).

Donald Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017 to serve as the 45th US President.

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