Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
"We need to Abolish ICE!"
Biological Information
Name Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Gender Female
Race Hispanic
Age 28
Political Information
Office Member of the U.S. House of Representative
Ideology Communist, call herself a Democratic Socialist
State New York
Predecessor Joe Crowley
Successor Incumbent
Gordon Freeman Wanting to abolish Border Control
Least crappy works Green New Deal
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (October 13, 1989) is an American communist who is a member of the House of Representatives.

Personality Edit

Ocasio-Cortez acts very dumb, probably because she is.

History Edit

2018 New York 14th District Election Edit

Democratic Primary Edit

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ran against Incumbent House member Joe Crowley. Crowley was a Democrat like Nancy Pelosi but less dumb. But Ms. Cortez came and surprisingly defeated Crowley in the Democratic primary.

General Election Edit

Cortez defeated her Republican opponent Anthony Pappas, which was probably 99.99% better than her.

Congressional Career Edit

As a congresswoman, she introduced the Green New Deal to congress. It failed in the Senate, with a vote of 57 Nay, 43 Present. No Senators voted in favor.[1]

Political Positions Edit

Cortez is a Communist, which calls herself a Democratic Socialist, like Mr. Bald Old Socialist.

Education Edit

Cortez is pro-tuition free universities and public schools.

Energy and Oil Edit

Cortez is supportive of renewable energy.

Foreign Policy Edit

Cortez is supportive of peace between Palestine and Israel.

Global Warming and Environment Edit

Cortex is hardliner on Climate issues.

Government Roles Edit

Cortez believes that government should be in everybody's life.

Health Care Edit

Cortez is ultra-supportive of Single-Payer Healthcare, she said it's a human right.

Immigration Edit

She support abolishing ICE, so ISIS, MS-13 and other gang and terrorists groups outside the USA can come in. 

Same Sex Marriage Edit

Cortez is supportive of the LGBTQIAPDF666+ community.

Second Amendment Rights Edit

Cortez is supportive of taking guns away.

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