"Don't try to be somebody you're not because it doesn't work. If you try to be this perfect person or perfect persona of what you think that somebody should be when they're involved in public office, it's just not going to work. Just be yourself, stay true to your core values, and really just stay abreast of the issues."
— Ben Quayle

Ben Quayle
Ben Quayle
'I was raised right.'
Biological Information
Name Ben Qyale
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Age 41
Political Information
Office Representative
Party Republican
State Arizona
Predecessor John Shadegg
Successor Raul Griajalava
Greatest Accomplishments Successful Attorney

Benjamin Eugene "Ben" Quayle was a member of the House of Representatives from 2011 to 2013 and is son of former Vice President Dan Quayle.

Personality Edit

Quayle has a good sense of humor, as displayed by his speech at the 2011 Congressional Correspondents' Dinner.[1]

History Edit

Early LifeEdit

Ben Quayle was born three days after his father was elected to the House of Representatives. He also frequently visited the White House as a child. Quayle graduated from Duke University in 1998 with a Bachelor's Degree in history and earned his Juris Doctor from Vanderbilt University Law School in 2002. After working as a lawyer, Quayle became the founder of a firm specializing in the acquisition and nurturing of small businesses called Tynwald Capital.

Political CareerEdit

In 2010 Quayle was elected to the House of Representatives. He came under media attention for releasing an advertisement calling Obama the worst president in history. In 2011, he co-sponsored the controversial SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) but later stopped backing the bill after coming to the realization that it would grant the government more overreaching power.[2] On August 28, 2012, Quayle lost his reelection bid in a primary against another Republican incumbent, Ben Schweikert, who also is a House freshman.[3] Quayle will be missed.

Political Positions and Stances Edit

Abortion Edit

  • Ban federal funding for abortion.
  • Prohibit forced abortions by UN Population Fund.[4]

American Culture and Values Edit

  • "I was raised right."[5]

Economics Edit

  • Terminate the Home Affordable mortgage program.
  • Proposed a Balanced Budget Amendment.
  • Congress should not increase the debt limit.[6]
  • Eliminate estate tax.
  • Support the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.[7]

Education Edit

  • Reauthorize the DC opportunity scholarship program.[8]

Energy and Oil Edit

  • Drill in the Outer Continental Shelf
  • License new nuclear plants.[9]

Foreign Policy Edit

  • Has pro-Israel voting record.[10]

Global Warming and Environment Edit

  • Manure is not pollutant or hazardous.
  • Does not believe in animal welfare.[11]

Government Roles Edit

  • The President should not conduct a recess appointment without Congressional approval.[12]

Health Care Edit

  • Replace Obamacare with private sector competition.[13]

Immigration Edit

  • We need a comprehensive border security plan.[14]

National Security Edit

  • Extend the PATRIOT Act.
  • The government needs to provide resources to our armed forces.[15]

Same Sex Marriage Edit

  • Same-Sex couples should not wed.[16]

Second Amendment Rights Edit

  • Loosen restrictions on interstate gun purchases.
  • The 2nd Amendment must be protected.[17]

Accomplishments Edit

  • Successful attorney
  • Conservative leader in the House of Representatives

Quotes Edit

"And in terms of entitlement reforms, we have to save them from themselves, because if we don't reform social security and we don't reform Medicare, they're going to actually implode."

"I think the Tea Party movement is great. I think anybody who has been frustrated over the last few years with the Republicans and Democrats, when they were trying to grow government and have spending and we weren't focusing on creating jobs and get our private sector growing again, I think that's when people started to wake up."

"I want our leaders to lead our country to greatness, but President Obama and his misguided policies and ideology have really fundamentally changed our country in the wrong way, more so than any president in our history."

"I think we should be looking at the defense and seeing where we can actually be more efficient because I think that, you know, sometimes during the contracting process, we lose some efficiencies in that regard."

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