Bernie Sanders

"Do socialism, capitalism sucks dick!"

Bernie Sanders (born September 8, 1941) is an American politician who is currently serving as an United States Senator of Vermont, which he was served in since 2007.

2016 Presidential Campaign Edit

In 2015, Bernie Sanders announced he was running for president in 2016. He ran on a campaign of communism. His supporters were progressives tired of the status quo of Hillary Clinton.

He lost the Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton. After he lost, he endorsed Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

2020 Presidential Campaign Edit

On February 19, 2019, Bernie Sanders announced his 2020 presidential run. He would start his campaign calling President Donald Trump a lier and bigot.

Political Positions and Stances Edit

Abortion Edit

Bernie Sanders thinks a woman should have an abortion of any reason or at any time.

American Culture and Values Edit

Civil RightsEdit

Bernie Sanders was been a long time avcodate for Civil Rights, unlike somebody he is going up against in the race. Sanders marched with Martin Luther King Jr during the Civil Rights movement.

Economics Edit

He believes in increasing the minimum wage, and increased taxes for the rich.

Education Edit

Energy and Oil Edit

Foreign Policy Edit

He believes in ending arms sales with Saudi Arabia.

Global Warming and Environment Edit

Believes it is a major problem that is greatly detrimental to the U.S.

Government Roles Edit

Health Care Edit

Bernie Sanders supports single-payer healthcare, something implemented by many first world countries. he believes that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

Immigration Edit

National Security Edit

Second Amendment Rights Edit

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