"Just be yourself. Then tomorrow you won't have to worry about who you pretended to be yesterday."
— Chris Christie at the 2012 GOP Convention

Chris Christie
Biological Information
Name Chris Christie
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Age 55
Political Information
Office Governor
Party Republican
State New Jersey
Predecessor Jon Corzine
Successor Incumbent
Greatest Accomplishments Successful prosecutor and corruption-busting U.S. district attorney

Christopher James "Chris" Christie, also known as Fatman, is the 55th Governor of New Jersey. He delivered the keynote speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Personality Edit

Chris Christie is well known for being blunt, aggressive, and straight-forward.

History Edit

Chris Christie was born in Newark, New Jersey, and has lived in the state his entire life. He was raised in Livingston and attended the University of Delaware, graduating in 1984. He then moved on to Seton Hall University School of Law and soon joined a Cranford law firm. He rapidly escalated to partnership. Christie became popular and was elected as a Freeholder in Morris County, New Jersey, becoming Director of the Board in 1997. Five years later, he was named the U.S. District Attorney for the District of New Jersey. There he focused on fighting corruption, human trafficking, pollution, corporate crime, and street gangs. He became famous in the state for convicting over 130 corrupt public officials of both parties and never lost a single case.

Elected to the governorship in 2009, Christie is the first Republican to hold a state-wide office in New Jersey in twelve years. Many credit his election to the unpopularity of President Barack Obama and the failures of his predecessor, Jon Corzine. As a testament to his popularity, a poll of a hypothetical match-up between him and Democratic mayor of Newark, Cory Booker, showed the governor with a huge lead of 53% to 35%. The same poll said that 67% of people in New Jersey felt Christie deserved reelection.[1] The poll was conducted after his tremendous handling of Hurricane Sandy.

His accomplishments in office are another reason for his high popularity among all voters including Independents and Democrats. He has signed four consecutive balanced budgets in a row without raising taxes, capped property taxes at 2%, implemented pension reform that saved taxpayers over 120 billion dollars, and saw the most job growth in over a decade. [2] [3]

His Democratic challenger in the 2013 election was State Senator Barbara Buono, who advised the corrupt former Governor Jon Corzine and currently trails Governor Christie in the polls by about thirty percentage points.[4]

Political Positions and Stances Edit

Abortion Edit

  • "Every life is precious and a gift from God."
  • Although Governor Christie does not prefer to discuss social issues over economic policy, he believes the time to address and ban abortion has come.[5]

American Culture and Values Edit

  • Leaders should seek respect, not love.
  • Unapologetic when it comes to taking on the establishment
  • "Stop blaming. Start building."[6]

Economics Edit

  • Expand job-creating tax intensives
  • Promote New Jersey as a good place to do business [7]

Education Edit

  • Democrats stand up for teachers unions, Republicans stand up for teachers
  • Expand charter schools
  • Our public education system is failing[8]

Energy and Oil Edit

  • The future of New Jersey is in green energy[9]

Foreign Policy Edit

  • Inaction in Washington reflect poorly on the country on the international stage [10].

Global Warming and Environment Edit

  • Global Warming is real, but the northeast based Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is ineffective [11]

Government Roles Edit

  • Enacted stricter regulation on PAC campaign contributions [12]

Health Care Edit

  • Insures should be able to sell "mandate-free" policies
  • Critical of Obamacare[13]

Immigration Edit

  • Simply being an undocumented cimmigrant is not a crime
  • We need stronger enforcement of federal immigration laws
  • Pass bipartisan immigration reform [14]

National Security Edit

  • America needs to be the leader throughout the world[15]

Same Sex Marriage Edit

  • Supports Civil Unions but not Same-Sex marriage
  • Homosexuality is not a sin[16]

Second Amendment Rights Edit

  • Has a moderate stance on firearms.
  • Wants to have a somewhat strict gun control so that there isn't an abundance of guns that could get into the hands of criminals.[17]
  • Vetoed three gun control bills he deemedwent too far. [18]

Accomplishments Edit

  • Dedicated his law career to busting corrupt politicians and government officials.
  • Became U.S. District Attorney for the District of New Jersey
  • Elected governor in a blue state
  • Least popular governor in America, with only a 15% approval rating.


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