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Dick Cheney was the 46th Vice President of the USA.

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Dick Cheney was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1941. He initially attended Yale University but flunked out twice do to trouble adjusting to college life. He attended the University of Wyoming where he obtained a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in political science. He started his doctoral studies in the University of Wisconsin-Madison but never completed it. Cheney had multiple deferments in regards to the draft of the Vietnam War do to his college career and having his first child.

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Dick Cheney began as an intern for Congressman William A. Steiger. He later joined Donald Rumsfeld's staff holding several positions such as White House Staff Assistant and Deputy Assistant to the President. Under President Ford's administration, Rumsfeld became Secretary of Defense and Cheney took over his old position as White House Chief of Staff. Cheney would also manage Ford's re-election campaign. Cheney would be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for the state of Wyoming in 1978 and would be re-elected five times. In 1988, Cheney was voted House Minority Whip but resigned from this position in 1989 when President George H.W. Bush appointed him Secretary of Defense. Cheney was noted for cutting some of the excess military spending during Reagan's administration and for overseeing Operation Desert Storm. While he was out of office during the Clinton Presidency, Cheney was CEO for Halliburton Company until his nomination for Vice President. During his first term as Vice President, Cheney was a strong supporter of the Iraq War, claiming that there were links between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein and that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction despite investigations by the CIA stating the opposite. During his second term it was revealed he had instructed one of his staff members, Lewis Libby, to leak information about weapons in Iraq. Libby was convicted of obstruction of justice and perjury, to which Cheney tried hard but failed to secure a pardon for Libby. In 2007 a suicide bomber set off a bomb that killed 23 people and injured 20 others. It was revealed Cheney was the intended target, but was unharmed.

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Cheney remains somewhat of a political figure, notably for criticizing the Obama administration and writing his autobiography In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir.

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The Real Dick Cheney (Eminem Parody - with lyrics)

The Real Dick Cheney (Eminem Parody - with lyrics)

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