EnvironMENTALism is a junk science, in which environMENTALists are a part of. The truth of the matter is, there were more trees in North and South America now than when the first Europeans landed on the two continents. Many environmentalists believe in Global Warming and are animal rights activists, who oppose Hunting, Fishing, animal ownership, NASCAR, motorcycles, and even Religion alike.

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Many media outlets, like CNN and the San Francisco Chronicle have claimed that Americans use 500 million plastic straws a day, many ending up in waterways and oceans, citing the National Park Service. Libertarian magazine Reason reported in 2018 that recycling company Eco-Cycle got the data from a Milo Cress in 2011, who surveyed straw manufacturers back when he was 9 years old.[1] There's no other data to back the claim, which has now been used repeatedly by the liberal mainstream media.

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