Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is an american politician who is a member of the Libertarian Party. He served as Governor of New Mexico in the 1990s as a Republican and ran for presidential in 2012 and 2016 for the Libertarian Party. He ran for U.S. Senate in New Mexico in 2018 and did successful for a Libertarian candidate.

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Gary Johnson was born in Minot, North Dakota on January 1, 1953.

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Gary Johnson is sadly pro-choice and believes Planned Parenthood does a lot of good.

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Johnson strongly supports legalizing Marijuana.

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Gary Johnson opposes common core and supports School Choice.

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Gary Johnson is for gun rights.

Foreign Policy Edit

Johnson opposes a safe-zone on Syria. But He doesn't know what Aleppo is!

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Johnson supports repealing Obamacare.

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Johnson is very pro-immigrant. He supports open borders so illegals can flood in.

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Johnson is very supportive of the LGBT Community, he supports Same-Sex Marriage.

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