Joe Rogan
Biological Information
Name Joseph "Joe" Rogan
Gender Male
Age August 11, 1967 (age 51 years)
Profession Martial Arts, Commentator, Comedian, Businessman, former Actor
Appears In JRE, WWE, Zookeeper,
Ideology Centrism
Joseph "Joe" Rogan is an commentator, avid hunter and fisherman and a former member of the National Rifle Association. He attended Catholic school but wised up at seven. His most well-known roles were for Fear Factor, podcasts, WWE, and the 2011 Zookeeper movie.

Political Views Edit

Joe Rogan is pro-second amendment and was a former NRA member. He also strongly supports marijuana and he also smokes it a lot.

Joe Rogan is currently an Independent.

Podcast Edit

Joe Rogan hosts his own podcast called the Joe Rogan experience. He invites about anyone to talk on it.

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