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Kyle Kulinski is a political commentator and advocate of socialism. He is the host of the popular left-wing YouTube news channel Secular Talk.

He supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary and continues to support Communists such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He started Justice Democrats with another Communist Cenk Uygur from the Young Turds.

Political Positions and Stances Edit

Abortion Edit

Kyle is pro-choice, but supports soft regulation on Abortions. He also supports Sex Ed.

American Values Edit

Kyle believes America is a secular nation.

Environment Edit

Kyle believes climate change is real and should have more attention.

Foreign Policy Edit

Kyle supports lowering military spending. He is also against Saudi Arabia, which is reasonable. But he also opposes Israel, which is bad.

Healthcare Edit

Kyle is a strong advocate of Medicare-for-all, aka single-payer healthcare. But doesn't explain how we can afford it.

Immigration Edit

Kyle is actually more reasonable on Immigration than most Progressive assholes.

LGBT Issues Edit

Kyle is a strong supporter of the LGBT Community, supporting Same-Sex Marriage.

Second Amendment Rights Edit

Kyle is against the NRA and supports the Parkland Students.

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