Ben Garrison 's comic "White Harvest" mocks the new law

The Land reformation of South Africa was a communist law which the ANC planned to add to the South African Constitution in 2018.

The new law Edit

The new law would take all farm land owned by White South Africans, and remove the farmers without giving them money, then the land would be given to the state, who would then give it to homeless Black South Africans.

Media's response Edit

Fox News Edit

Afriforum 's Ernst Roets, had an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News in 2018, where they discussed the new law.

Aftermath Edit

Zimbabwe $100 trillion 2009 Obverse

Zimbabwe's economy after forcefully removing all the white farmers

Researchers have shown over and over that such a law has never worked in any country, and that it would make the economy worse, the ANC wouldnt listen. Zimbabwe (who had a samilar law in the past) has widely been used as a perfect example for why South Africa shouldnt undergo such a law.

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