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Liberapedia is a far-left website. It is where People go and write pages with a liberal bias.

Admins Edit

The Current Admins of Libtardpedia are Rushwrj13, Blue In The Red Zone, Darth Keidiuess the Wise, and Proxima Centauri. They formerly had Patrick Cunningham, Ajuk, and WaxPlanck, but they eventually all left FANDOM. Proxima and Rush have dealt multiple blocks, in total, about 150, which is roughly 13 blocks a year, which is roughly one block a month.

Liberal Bias Edit

Liberapedia is known to have liberal bias. For Example, their page on George W. Bush tells us Dubya is a evil warmongering Hitler, while their page on Barack Obama tells us Obama is the Best President in American History.

That isn't the only liberal bias on Liberapedia. There is many more.

Liberapedia Beliefs Edit

  • God isn't real
  • Evolution is real
  • Barack Obama is the best president in American History.
  • George W. Bush is the worst president in American History.
  • That Government and Religion should be separate, in accordance with the belief of the separation of church and state.
  • That Homosexuals should be able to get married.
  • That Donald Trump is a bad president.
  • That Conservative Christians are evil and Liberal Atheists are Heroes.
  • That Abortion should be legal.
  • That the Republican Party wants Christian Sharia.
  • That the Democratic Party is preferable.
  • Monkey grandpa theory.

Anti-Liberapedia Movement And The Rise of AZ Edit

Liberapedia provoked a number of trolls, vandals, and constructive-debaters, which led to the Anti-Liberapedia Movement founded by Liam Rutherford who recruited KGBSpetsnaz, but Liam was blocked and the movement went inactive for 1 month before AZ, a former debater, and troll arrived, creating a project known by him as Zico. He was unable to be pinned by Liberapedia and Community Central. He went inactive for two months in the first quarter of 2019. Then he came back as AntiProxima then was blocked within 24 hours. Then he made the account of Anti Sinistram AZ and CC stopped trying to block him, and he eventually made his own wiki. Then a new Leftist AZ followed in Anti Sinistram's steps and continued the Zico Project to destroy Liberapedia.

AZ has changed and no longer trolls but hopes to constructively counter Liberapedia.

Other Rival Websites Edit

Moderate Rightpedia was formerly Anti-Liberapedia, founded by Anti Sinistram AZ, and has roughly 10 active members and 20 who have passed through. They are relatively new and quickly growing...

Wikiality is a site that makes fun of them too.

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