Dice's famous reacting face when laughing at the mainstream media and SJWs; also his YouTube channel profile image

Mark Dice is a media analyst, author and Conservative Youtuber with over 1 million subscribers. The man was born in 1977 and is currently 41 years old. He is famous for calling the mainstream media for their falsehoods, temper tantrums and hypocrisies via his YouTube Videos and his books.

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In 2007, he created his YouTube channel but did not upload is first video until November 17, 2009. He was the first conservative Youtuber to hit 1 million subscribers in May 2017. As of 2019, he has 1.4 million subscribers.

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Mark Dice has created several books exposing political correctness in America, the mainstream media, the Illuminati, and Hollywood. Top sellers on Amazon include Liberalism: Find a Cure in 2018 and The True Story of Fake News: How Mainstream Media Manipulates Millions in 2017.

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