Pete Buttigieg smiling with his husband.

Pete Buttigieg smiling with his husband. His smile does look creepy.

Pete "Boot-Edge-Edge" Buttigieg (born January 19, 1982) is an American politician and former naval intelligence officer who is currently serving as Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He is running for president in 2020, if he is elected, he would become the first LGBTQIAPIB+ president of the United States. Let's hope he doesn't get elected.

2020 presidential election Edit

Pete announced his run for the 2020 presidential election as a Democrat on January 23, 2019. His campaign slogan is "It's time for a new generation of American leadership".

Political Positions and Stances Edit

Abortion Edit

Pete Buttigieg is very pro-choice. He said that he doesn't believe that the government should tell a woman what to do with their body. Even when the baby is fully developed.

Education Edit

Electoral College Edit

Pete Buttigieg believes the electoral college should be abolished, which would give the power of deciding the President and Vice President to the large cities in the United States.

Environment Edit

Pete Buttigieg supports the Green New Deal and resigning the United States back into the Paris Climate Agreement.

Healthcare Edit

Buttigieg flip-fops on the issue.

Immigration Edit

Buttigieg supports DACA.

LGBT Rights Edit

As he is gay, he is a strong supporter of the LGBTQIAPIB community.

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