"“If we except the light and the air of heaven, no good thing has been or can be enjoyed by us without having first cost labor. And inasmuch as most good things are produced by labor, it follows that all such things of right belong to those whose labor has produced them. But it has so happened, in all the ages of the world, that some have labored, and others have without labor enjoyed a large proportion of the fruits. This is wrong, and should not continue. To secure to each laborer the whole product of his labor, or as nearly as possible, is a worthy object of any good government.”"
— Abraham Lincoln

Republican Party
Make America Great Again
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Establishment 1854
Symbol Elephant
Color Red
In Control Of: Presidency

Supreme Court
State Governorships
State Legislatures

Highest Ranking Official President Donald Trump
Ideology Paleoconservatism
  • Neoconservatism
  • Libertarianism
  • Classical liberalism
Party Chair Ronna McDaniel (MI)
Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (KY)
House Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA)
Governor's Chair Pete Ricketts (NE)

The Republican Party is the better of the two parties in the United States of America. It represents the American People better than the Democratic Party and they are realistic. Republicans currently control the presidency, the Senate and the Supreme Court.

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The Republican Party symbol is a smart and tough Elephant. The Color of the Republican Party is Red, But they don't represent the Devil.

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