Solyndra was a manufacturer of solar panels based on copper, indium, gallium and selenium (CIGS). It was established in 2005 and went bankrupt on September 1, 2011 due to the high cost and low demand of their products at the time.[1][2]

It received a loan guarantee of $535 million from the U.S. Department of Energy under then-President Barack Obama, to be used for the construction of a solar-panel plant. They were the first to make use of the liberal economic stimulus program implemented at the wake of the 2008 recession.[1] A 2014 report by the Department of Energy said that they lost $528 million from Solyndra.[3]

After its bankruptcy in 2011, an investigation by House Republicans revealed that the California Democratic Party was a financial creditor for the company.[4]

That same month, Senate Democrats voted down a House resolution to fund the government by cutting the Obama administration's solar-subsidy program.[5]

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