"A great deal has been said about my commitment not to raise taxes. It's a core value - it's common sense - it's important to keeping and growing jobs - and it's mainstream!"
— Tim Pawlenty

Tim Pawlenty
Minnesota Nice
Biological Information
Name Tim Pawlenty
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Age 51
Political Information
Office Governor (formerly)
Party Republican
State Minnesota
Predecessor Jesse Ventura
Successor Mark Dayton
Greatest Accomplishments Successful lawyer, majority leader of Minnesota House.
Tim Pawlenty was a former Governor from Minnesota and former candidate in the 2012 Republican Primary.

Personality Edit

Governor Pawlenty has been called by many the nicest contender for the Presidency in 2012. While he is quiet, he is certainly smart, capable, and bold.

History Edit

Early LifeEdit

Pawlenty was born in 1960 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.[1] His mother died of cancer when he was 16 years old.[2] Pawlenty attended the University of Minnesota and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in political science. He then attended the University of Minnesota Law school where he attained his Juris Doctor degree and met his wife Mary Anderson.[3] After graduating he worked as a lawyer and late vice-president of a software company called Wizmo Inc.[4]

Political CareerEdit

Pawlenty first entered politics as a campaign advisor for Jon Grunseth in 1990. Two years later Pawlenty was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives, and in 1999 was made majority speaker. Tim Pawlenty was elected to Governorship of Minnesota in 2002. During his time as governor he reduced the state deficit by 2.7 billion dollars without raising taxes.[5] Pawlenty was also an important ally to John McCain's run for the Presidency in 2008,[6] despite rumors Pawlenty would run himself. Pawlenty did run in the 2012 Republican Primary but dropped out after coming third in the Ames Straw Poll. [7] There are rumors that Pawlenty may run for the U.S. Senate In 2018.[8]

Political Positions and Stances Edit

Abortion Edit

  • Abortion doctors should be charged as criminals.
  • Stem-cell research only okay on previous embryos.
  • No partial birth abortion should be allowed.
  • The right to life is the greatest liberty.[9]

American Culture and Values Edit

  • The government should be left out of the Church, not the other way around.
  • We should not strike God from America
  • Faith is "part of how [he] thinks."[10]

Economics Edit

  • Supports right-to-work.
  • Obama doesn't have a budget plan.
  • Fiscal responsibility cannot be forced by tax hikes.
  • Handouts and bailouts hurt our middle class.
  • It is wrong for the government to spend out surpluses.[11]

Education Edit

  • Create pro-charter laws.
  • Encourage more school choice.
  • Let school districts decide on teaching intelligent design.
  • Keep homeschooling an option.[12]

Energy and Oil Edit

  • Require 25% renewable energy by 2025.
  • We must diversify our energy sources.
  • Extend tax incentives for energy efficiency.
  • Locally owned wind energy sources should be encouraged.[13]

Foreign Policy Edit

  • Put sanctions on Iran nukes.
  • Syria needs a regime change.
  • Never subordinate US decisions to UN.
  • Obama demoralized Tehran protests with science.[14]

Global Warming and Environment Edit

  • The EPA is over-regulatory. [15]
  • EPA regulation on greenhouse gas is harmful.[16]

Government Roles Edit

  • The post office should be eliminated.
  • Government control of campaign finance is flawed.
  • Have a 12 year limit in Congress.[17]

Health Care Edit

  • Obamacare was designed after Romneycare
  • Obama and Romney plans form "Obamneycare"
  • No top-down, government run, limited choice system
  • Obamacare's individual mandate infringes on our freedom.[18]

Immigration Edit

  • The states need to step in to enforce immigration law.
  • Military service should be the only pathway to citizenship.
  • We should require federal electronic verification for state employment. [19]

National Security Edit

  • Enhanced interrogation counters radical jihadists.
  • Veterans' issues are a top legislative priority.[20]

Same Sex Marriage Edit

  • Opposite-sex marriage is a cornerstone of society.[21]

Second Amendment Rights Edit

  • Don't have machine guns on security detail.
  • Conduct statewide background checks to carry a gun.[22]

Accomplishments Edit

  • Successful lawyer
  • Served on City Council
  • Majority leader of MN House of Representatives.
  • Had Triple A bond rating in Minnesota as Governor.

Quotes Edit

"History has taught us over and over again that freedom is not free. When push comes to shove, the ultimate protectors of freedom and liberty are the brave men and women in our armed forces. Throughout our history, they've answered the call in bravery and sacrifice."

"It appears that President Obama is making great progress on climate change, he is changing the political climate in the country back to Republican."

"Keeping a lid on taxes is not just good for the taxpayer. It's a powerful way to force government to be more accountable, set priorities and spend smarter. Let me repeat that: more accountable, set priorities and spend smarter - that's what we need to be about."

"One of the things about leadership is that you've got to show up. And if you want to be president of the United States you've got to make a case to the American people that Barack Obama needs to be dismissed from his position."

"The only thing growing faster than the federal government's deficit is Chris Matthews' man-crush on Barack Obama."

"We need to be calling out the flaws and misguided decisions of the Democrats in Congress and the Obama administration."

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