A new Obama For America ad entitled "Republican Women for Obama" features about six women claiming that they typically vote Republican but this time are voting for Barack Obama because "the Republican Party has moved too far to the right." The ad focuses especially on the issue of abortion.

What I first found interesting about this ad is that the women had no problem voting for the clearly pro-life George W. Bush, but are scared to vote for Mitt Romney, whose pro-life principles are questionable at best. Seems a bit odd, doesn't it? They voted for Sarah Palin and for TEA Party members to join Congress, but it's Mitt Romney who's "too Conservative" for them? Another line almost made me take a spit take "If you are a Conservative women who believes in small government, then Barack Obama is your guy." That's right, Mr. "Buy my health care plan or pay a fine" is the one for small government believers... Well, if that's not suspicious enough, here's another irritating fact: one of the six women is a Democrat!

Her name is Maria Ciano who says "People like me and my family have realized that the Republican Party once was inline with our views, but are no longer." is actually a registered Democrat. The Obama campaign however, had a clever way of getting out of this. Technically, Ciano was a Republican until 2006, when she switched parties, and although the ad implies that she is still a Republican today, she technically only said that she grew up Republican. Very sneaky Mr. President… This all begs the question: are any other women in the ad Democrats too? One woman explains that she voted for Ronald Reagan but still never technically says she was a Republican. Reagan Democrat voting for Obama? Not very uncommon or significant...

This news is hardly surprising, as it was just discovered that 70% of Obama's twitter followers are fake… First they claim Romney shipped jobs overseas, then they say he killed a woman, next comes the fake followers, and now fake Republicans. What's next?

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