Earlier this morning, January 4th, Congresswoman Bachmann announced that she would end her Presidential bid, much to my disappointment. However, this decision didn't crush my hopes entirely, for I have long been gathering the evidence necessary to claim that Bachmann and Governor Romney have exchanged calls and met behind closed doors about a possible Vice Presidential nod.

Here are the following reasons that I think Romney and Bachmann have been teaming up.

1) Remember when Bachmann was leading the pack in the summer of 2011? Romney didn't attack her and she didn't attack Romney. Later, both have been shown to attack challengers. (Romney attacked Perry and Cain when they were beating him, Bachmann attacked Pawlenty before the Aimes Straw Poll). But when they were in a tie, they were peaceful.

2) In the Bloomberg debate, candidates had the opportunity to ask one another questions. This took place during Cain's rise so one would think that Romney would ask Cain a question. Instead, he threw Bachmann a softball that allowed her to explain her economic plan. He later complimented her answer.

3) During several debates, both candidates have been given opportunities to attack one another, even as Bachmann's popularity fell. The most notable is Bachmann's common refusal to knock Romney over his Massachusetts health care plan. She's been very vocal against other candidates who have supported a similar plan (Pawlenty, Gingrich) but on several occasions she chooses to leave Romney, the frontrunner alone. Yes, she has occasionally poked at him for it, but when she did, she focused mainly on Gingrich. In addition, Romney went soft on Bachmann when asked whether her immigration policy was astute. The former MA governor actually sided with her and joined her in attacking Newt Gingrich. The pair have also teamed up against Ron Paul on foreign policy.

4) On the Late Nite Show with Jimmy Fallon, Bachmann was asked to associate a word with each of her fellow condenders. She gave Romney "Vice-President"

5) When Bachmann announced the end of her Presidential candidacy, Romney was the first to release a statement regrading her decision, calling her a "friend" and a "strong competitor" as well as praising her "tenacity", "fierce intelligence", and "titanium spine".

6) The Biggest Piece Of Evidence Yet: Bachmann's former campaign manager Ed Rollins has stated that he overheard Michele and her husband Marcus discussing calls with Governor Romney and a possible VP spot! If that isn't proof, I don't know what is!

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