Tomorrow, January 16, FOX News will host a GOP Presidential Primary Debate in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - my state! As always, the network will be excepting questions via twitter. This means that for the first time, Conservative Wiki will be able to participate in a Presidential debate! We can all submit questions that will be asked by Conservative Wiki's official twitter account, @Republican Wiki to @BretBair #foxdebate. Here are the rules for submitting questions:

  1. Question must be within the limit 140 characters, including the "@BretBaier" and Q for (candidate)
  2. Questions can include any political topic whether on the economy, foreign policy, Constitutional rights, social issues, religion, records, or the campaign itself.
  3. Questions can be for all candidates or for one candidate in particular. Note that FOX is more likely to use twitter questions towards all candidates.
  4. You may NOT use profane/offensive language.
  5. Condescending questions meant to bash the GOP field or any candidate will not be accepted.
  6. The question must be just that, a question. No statements.

Got all that? Here are some examples of what you could ask in a comment on this page:

@Bretbaier Q for Perry: Does your military experience make you a better commander-in-chief than Governor Romney?

Get it? Hurry up with some questions!

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