Welcome all users to the brand-new Conservative Wiki! We've been up for 24 hours and we've already made extremely impressive progress! This blog will serve as a guide to personalizing your profile page, navigating the wiki, editing, adding photos and creating pages!

Personalizing your home page

If your like me, then you'll love to share your personal opinions on your page for the other users to see. You can use mine as an example. On your page you may want to:

  1. Add the user infobox
  2. Announce your favorite politicians/bills/candidates
  3. List your allies on the wiki
  4. Promote the conservative agenda
  • Be Creative!

Navigating the wiki

Finding pages may be tough, but the easiest way is to search it on the box on the right-hand side of your screen. You can also find links to the most important pages on the wiki's home page. You can also look for pages in categories.

When it comes to forums, most debates will be held in topics in the Spin Room.

  • To find another user, type "User:(name of user)"
  • To go to a user's talk page type "User talk:(name of user)"

To find the templates that will be used across the wiki, click the appropriate links:

Get it?

Editing, adding photos, and creating pages


To edit, simply click "edit" at the top of a page. Remember that some things are only able to be edited by the bureaucrats and admins. In other words, DO NOT EDIT THESE PAGES. This includes

  • Templates
  • The Main Page
  • Quotes
  • Profile Images (unless it's your own)

-If you feel that one of the above needs editing, contact one of the bureaucrats:

… or admins:

-Note that these users have the ability to undo any edit they feel is unnecessary or violating our policy.

Creating a page

To create a page, click "contribute" and then "create a page". Remember that the admins reserve the right to delete unnecessary pages and edit any content on the page. When creating a page, be sure to add the appropriate infobox template seen above under "Navigating the Wiki"

Adding a photo

To add a photo, click "contribute" and then "add a photo". Here are the rules for adding photos:

  1. Photos must be appropriate
  2. Photos must be relevant
  3. Photos must be saved as a jpg or png
  4. When adding a photo, it must be licensed (it's pretty straight-forward)

Any Questions? Please ask.

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