The political left is at again. They are censoring out opinions they don't like. One of the heavy hitter users from Wikia just censored me in a politics discussion area on Wikia themed chat on another site. How long should Americans put up with this constant assault from the left? I was discussing the incidents in Berkeley and I was attacked by users and the owner of the site. I thought we were havin
Milo or Hitler

Milo left supposedly just like Hitler right

g a rational discussion, heated, but fair. I should have known better.

Anyhow, this user compared Milo Yiannopoulos to Hitler. HITLER!!!!

The level of ridiculousness of this is insane! Let's rationally discuss this for a second. Hilter got himself elected to the head of the party and then later Germany. Hitler ordered slave labor and/or extermination of the Jews, anyone that helped the Jews, as well as those he didn't deem useful like the handicapped. Milo Yiannopoulos is a gay political comedian from the UK who just wrapped up a speaking tour in the US. He named the latest tour "the Dangerous Faggot Tour," where he said outlandish stuff to cause people to think or laugh at the ridiculousness of it. I've watched videos where he takes the stage in a fur vest where he uses body langua
Dangerous logo

Milo's logo for the tour

ge that plays right into all the stereotypes of homosexual men.

So, rather than just censoring out something you don't like, I dare you to explain to me how a political comedian, writer who likes to be ridiculous and make people laugh by playing into gay stereotypes is just like Hilter. He is not in political office. He is not president of a political party. He's not even a republican.

While it's true that at one time the Republican party was the party for wealthy racist Christian whites, especially male. Certainly, there are plenty that voted for our current president who fall outside these restrictions. I, myself, am female, not a Christian, lower incomed, grew up near a small, blue-collared, union-heavy city that was hard core democratic. I voted for Trump, like many other Americans, because I felt like our first and second amendment rights were slipping away. I felt like illegal immigrants and legal residents were being put before natural born and naturalized citizens. I felt like we were losing American jobs. I hoped that Donald Trump could change these things. I am still not even sure if he can or will. I was only sure that Hillary would not. I figured, "at least he's campaigning on the things that matter to me and by voting for him, Americans make a statement that we really do care about these things."

So am I just like Hitler? Finally, why again is it, that Milo Yiannopoulos is Hitler?

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