Here we go again, Trump had to fire Comey and now the media is crapping out that Russia stuff again.

The left would criticize myself and other Trump supporters saying that we don't want to see the truth. Honestly, I think they are angry that the American people voted in a non-politician. They're trying to show him that he doesn't know what he's doing because he's not a politician. The media is on the left's side, of course. Honestly, it pisses me off that the media and Hollyweird think they should have more say over who becomes president than the American people. Almost everyone I know voted for Trump and I live in a blue city. It makes me wonder if Hillary tried to throw the election and lost anyway. Yes, Trump wasn't a politician before this, but he ran several major companies and people that voted for him believed that he could learn what he needed to in order to be our president and do it effectively.

We have a bipartisan system and it was either Trump or Hillary. Hillary was corrupt. All of these democrats that are saying they agree with Comey's getting fired, just not the timing, deep down inside know that. Let's be straight about this Comey's corruption involved trying to cover Hillary's corruption. If Hillary had gotten into office, it would have hurt all republicans, as well as any democrats that didn't kiss her rear end. Trump may make small blunders because he's still adapting to politics, but I firmly believe that he is actually looking out for American ci
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Just a look at Trump's widespread appeal.

tizens. I also firmly believe he has transferrable skills. I also believe the left and the media are trying to stand in his way. I ask you as an American citizen that voted for him because I really believed he was the best choice for our country, please, I beg you, cut the guy some slack, not for him, but so that America can become better.

As for the Russia thing, no-just no, I know it's hard for you to believe but the people who looked at the issues actively mini campaigned for him to everyone they knew. I think many of us, like myself, were people who normally didn't even vote. The attempt of the mainstream media to manipulate us only made us angry and get out there and tell more people to vote for him and make the case for him because unlike the left, our anger made us work harder, not throw tantrums in the street.

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